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What is the proper etiquette at the WSOP table? If you’ve ever played a live tournament before, or have only been a few times or at home with friends around the kitchen table, you can’t be sure what’s appropriate and what’s not. Here are some basic rules to keep in mind with etiquette.

Etiquette WSOP Table: Request See Hands

If one player turns over their cards and another player mucks without showing, the other players at the table have the right to see the hand Make sure both players do not work together. In most cases, a dirty player is simply confused that he is playing with a weak hand or trying to bluff that doesn’t work. Demanding to see a player’s cards is usually of no use, but causes the player to be more confused. Of course, you are getting information when you see the cards, but since other players will hopefully give you the same compliment, it will all come out yet.

Etiquette WSOP Table: Too Celebrating

Because of recent events, it is not really the rule of excessive celebration, but some players do anyway. If you win a big hand, some great excitement is understandable, but dancing or whipping your opponent, especially if you just put a bad beat on your opponent is really bad taste, and you will not be happy if someone does it back to you.

Etiquette WSOP Table: Speaking Hands

If you do not have a hand, you should never talk on the other hand when it is in action and you should not especially talk about the player or the player who is facing the decision. What each player does is influenced by each tournament, so while you may think that the comments are harmless, they can have a real impact on playing the tournament. Try to record talking between hands, or if you are the one facing the decision if you are forced to, but in some cases this can be disapproved as well.