Successful Halftime Betting

Everyone knows that Las Vegas odds are typically most of the time. It can be very exciting or very frustrating to be involved if the team was crushing spread, but that Vegas line started slowly up you late in the game just to see the team either lose or just barely cover the spread. Let’s face it, Vegas knows what they’re doing.

A strategic way on the side like Vegas odds is to simply wait for Half Time, evaluate the score, compare it to the overall spread of the game, and then compare it to the Half Line (if sportsbook offers a Half Dash). The strategy in this concept in Vegas is just their spread most of the time, so you are betting that the team is making a run for general spread. This strategy is best used only in certain games where you can find a big difference in the half-lines overall spread. Here is a recent live example:

1/16/2010 Ohio @ Miami (OH). Miami (OH) was minus 3 for the game. Ohio went up eight points at halftime. Miami (OH) was minus four in the second half, which means that you get Miami (OH) in plus four throughout the game, as opposed to minus three. Basically, you get a free seven-point teaser by stepping in at Halftime, and you are relying on Vegas to provide that whole game spread for a reason. The result that the game was Miami (OH) won the second half with a score of 50-30! Vegas don’t know what they do and you can backpack them with money at games at half time!